In Bruges—Part 2

Monday began our excursion into Bruges, and today we continue with our sightseeing sojourn as we travel back in time to Europe of the Middle Ages.  Today we’ll spend most of our time along the canals that flow through the city, including the romantic Dijver Canal.

When your feet start getting tired, it’s time to head down to the canal and jump aboard one of the many tour boats that roam the canals of Bruges.  Along the way you’ll see lush, green city parks littered with swans and ducks; tall steeples and spires; and wood-timbered buildings that have stood since before Columbus discovered America.  Soak in the scenery and ramp up the ISO and shutter speed on your camera to nullify the motion and rocking of the boat.  One of the sights you’ll see is straight out of the movie In Bruge.  It’s the hotel in which the characters played by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson stayed—the Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce Hotel, which is situated along one of Bruges’ many canals.

While you’re enjoying the boat ride give your feet plenty of rest, because as you’ll see on Friday you’ll be needing them again after the ride is over.

And here are today’s photographs of Bruges:



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2 responses to “In Bruges—Part 2

  1. Bruges is wonderful! I went there several years ago and was just amazed. We took a little boat trip through the canals. Loved the food, beer and scenery!

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