We Interrupt the Current Travel Series for This . . .

One of my favorite photo sites is Photobotos.com.  There’s some really stunning photography located there for your viewing pleasure.  Think you’re good enough?  You can upload one of your favorite photographs and see if it makes the cut.  But be forewarned—there’s some really stiff competition here.

How good is this stuff?  Here are just a couple of samples (please visit them and enjoy even more beauty; after all, it’s free!):

Coral Garden by Floris van Breugel:

Coral Garden by Floris van Breugel on Photobotos.com

Horns of Paine by Ian Plant:

Horns of Paine by Ian Plant on Photobotos.com

How impressed was I?  Here’s the review I left in the comment section for Horns of Paine:

There’s a definite, surreal, almost Dale Terbush-like sense to this photograph. The warm vibrancy of the sky colors is stunning, especially in juxtaposition with the cool colors of the vegetation and water. The craggy, angular features of the mountains also lie in sharp contrast to the flowing, dream-like quality of the waters below.

What an absolutely marvelous study in contrast—from textures to colors. Great job.

Starting Friday and following into next week, we’ll continue our pictorial travelogue on a cruise to Europe.  Next up—more on Normandy, France; Brugge, Belgium; Brussels.



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3 responses to “We Interrupt the Current Travel Series for This . . .

  1. Looks like some serious HDR at play..

  2. Probably so. I’ve not played around with HDR processing myself, but there’s a lot you can do with it in variable light situations such as these.