Bermuda Ferry

We’ve seen Bermuda from King’s Wharf to Hamilton.  But how does one travel between the two?  By Ferry, of course.

Well, you can take the bus, but the ferry is more fun.  Unfortunately it was the off season, so there was no ferry connecting to St. George.  Thus, we decided to forego a trip to this quaint part of the island on this go.  Perhaps I’ll dig into my archives from previous trips and post a few photographs of St. George at a later date.

As for now, however, we’re taking the ferry.  Below were the shots I took from the ferry as we travelled from King’s Wharf to Hamilton.

As you peruse these photographs, contemplate what might be next.  This trip isn’t anywhere near over.  Tune in later this week to see the next ports of call.



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3 responses to “Bermuda Ferry

  1. Linda

    Thank you Doug for sharing your trip via pictures with us! Hi Ursula. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. David K. Williams


  3. Thanks to both of you for dropping by, enjoying the photographs, and leavinng a comment.