King’s Wharf Bermuda

This was my third journey to Bermuda and Ursula’s fourth.  Our ship docked at King’s Wharf, which is what we’ll view today.

King’s Wharf is a cluster of former military structures and fortifications, many of which have been converted over into retail shops, restaurants, and bars.  Even so, the area maintains its military flavor.

You can also spot the English influence that permeates the culture here.  The first clues, of course, are the plethora of traditional red English telephone booths.  If those weren’t enough to clue you in, then the motor traffic is.  These islanders drive on the left side of the road, and most of the vehicles are right-hand drive.

King’s Wharf is also a great place to take pictures of boats of all sizes, shapes, and functions.  There is a very active shipyard here, and there are always many boats under repair at any given time.

Friday we’ll run around the capital city of Hamilton.  Meanwhile:


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4 responses to “King’s Wharf Bermuda

  1. Linda

    Hi Doug,
    Beautiful Pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Loved your book, The Globe.

  2. Dix

    Hey Doug ….. and Ursula,
    Hope you two are having a grand time. As Ladyhawk said, beautiful pictures! Can’t remember the last time I saw a phone booth.

  3. Thank you, Dix. Say, “Hi,” for me to everyone on the forum.