Seen From Afar and at the Bar—the Norwegian Star

Yes, cruise ships are in the news.  And, yes, I have an opinion on the Costa Concordia disaster.  I might even share that opinion with you in the next week or so.  What qualifies me to have an opinion on the subject?  Well, how about over twenty cruises under my belt, eighty-eight days at see in all of 2010, fifty-four days on one cruise alone.

But it’s important to remember, as with airline disasters, that the reason these horrendous occurrences make the headlines is precisely because they are so rare.  The successful cruise on which nobody died almost never makes the news, and even more rarely makes the front page.  Rather, the cruises you don’t hear about are joyous, festive affairs that transport you to far off places for exotic adventures—and they do so at an incredibly low cost that in addition to your transportation also include gourmet food, your lodging, games, activities, sports, shopping venues, and live entertainment and music.  Not to mention that you need only unpack once.

The following photographs were taken on a December 2006 cruise aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines‘ (NCL) Norwegian Star.  NCL is one of our favorite lines, and the Star is a truly stunning ship, as you’re about to see.

For a little additional fun, click on the first photograph and you’ll see that even pelicans look longingly whenever a cruise ship slips by:



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2 responses to “Seen From Afar and at the Bar—the Norwegian Star

  1. Looks like fun. I have never been on a cruise.

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