The Globe Has a Cover

It’s Globe Week here at  And in a moment you’ll see the cover.

What is The Globe?  In addition to being the title to my latest novel, The Globe is . . . well, the protagonist of The Globe knows his ship a lot better than do I, so I’ll let Security Officer Reynard Chevalier tell you about The Globe in his own words:

I guess now would be a good time to set you straight on The Globe just in case you thought this was just a cruise ship.  It isn’t.  It’s a seagoing condominium community for the unseemly wealthy, those with at least eight and preferably at least nine digits in their credit union Christmas account.  It’s 38,500 tons (give or take a couple) of opulent, oceanic luxury transporting 147 lavishly appointed townhomes ranging in size from approximately 330-square-foot studios all the way up to a 3,243-square-foot Owner’s Suite (and you get only one guess as to who owns that little exercise in ostentation).  All homes have patios with an ocean view complete with saltwater spray, and everything above studio size has a fully functional kitchen (induction cooktops only—no exposed conventional heating elements or gas burners allowed on ship, of course) and no less than two full baths.  Many townhomes have working offices complete with high-speed internet just so everybody can get on line to check on those aforementioned all-important Christmas accounts.  After all, conventional home owners who default on their mortgage get booted onto the street.  These people get booted onto a street in Mozambique.  Who the hell wants that?

Anyway, I deal with three types of residents:  Those who own outright; the guests of owners; and those who are trying out a townhome on a rental basis before deciding to purchase, when on the rare occasion a residence actually become available.  There’s a very long waiting list and not too many owners willing to give up a suite.

On Wednesday, Reynard will tell you a little about himself.  For now, be among the first to view the cover for this murder thriller (click on the image for a larger view):

The Globe



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7 responses to “The Globe Has a Cover

  1. That’s more interesting! And green for creepy works well too.

    Only comment I have now is in the smaller pic your name doesn’t stand out, especially the G. Might be worth doing a white shadow emboss to add some contrast between your name and the background.

  2. Thanks, Tyson. Glad you like this one better. Alas, my designer (Ronnell D. Porter) seemed reticent to change the font, and as long as the title stands out in thumbnail, then I’m happy.

  3. He’s got a dark drop shadow around the dark letters of your name. The dark drop shadow works around the white letters of the title, because it contrasts. Maybe a contrasting lighter shade of drop shadow for your name?

  4. Thanks, Elaine. Between you and Tyson, it appears I may have a problem indeed on the author’s name.

  5. I think the font itself is fine. But because of the background, the lettering doesn’t pop. That may be less of a consideration since there’s not an actual physical book, but that’s above my pay grade.

  6. Wm Florence


    That cover is superb; nicely done. You must have stayed up late at night — and then kept going through the following week to make it jump off the page. Bravo.