Busch Gardens Williamsburg—Europe on $64+ a Day!

Theme parks.  Crowded, noisy, hot, and expensive . . . and that’s just the parking lot.  How someone can with a straight face charge you $18 to use their parking facilities—just minutes before they hit you up for another $64 per person at the entry gate—is beyond me.  What brass!  Then, on top of that, the prices of food and even a bottle of water?  It’s enough to make a grown mouse cry.

But we’re not even talking about the theme park a cartoon mouse built.  We’re talking about the theme park a mediocre beer and some stately looking Clydesdales built.  We’re talking here about Busch Gardens Europe (Europe by way of Williamsburg, Virginia, that is), and at prices that would make Rick Steves swear off “European” travel for good.  Yep, I’d just love to see ol’ Rick survive in Busch Gardens Europe on a buck eighty-seven a day.  He’d never get into the parking lot!

But a true photographer can find interesting shots anywhere, and that was my assignment for this past Saturday—trying to make a theme park actually look like fun.  So, I ignored the very rude, very young teen with the family friendly T-shirt (“Disrespect me and I’ll smash off your #@&%ing face”—But, hey, at least it was grammatically correct in that it avoided the normal split infinitive).  I even ignored the same little twit when he deliberately dumped his lunch trash on the ground directly in front of the trash bin— in front of his parents I might add—and then walked away while laughing about it.

Note to Busch Gardens—Want to attract more families?  Then this is the kind of scummy little trash you want to keep out of your parks.  And his parents, too.

Anyway, we did enjoy some of the animal exhibitions, especially since Little Mr. Disrespect wasn’t there to pull the wings off the barn owls to the delight of his ever-doting parental units.  We also rather enjoyed the rhythmic, harmonious crescendo of terrified screams cascading over us from the roller-coaster riders all around hurtling toward the ground at Mach .87.

Someday I’ll return to Virgina.  Some day I’ll go back through the Shenandoah.  Someday I’ll revisit the incredible Outer Banks of North Carolina.  But someday will never again come for Busch Gardens Europe.  I have all the pictures I need of that place.

And I’ll bet you thought all my travel blogs were fluff pieces.  After today you’ll not think that again.

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