Murder in Paradise—Decisions

What others are saying about Decisions:

An Agatha Christie inspired confection stays true to its roots, with enough clues and plot twists to keep the reader guessing until the end . . . .  The novel is airy fun, carried by its two likable and witty central characters.

— review by Publishers Weekly

This novel consisted of a very smart mystery with some fun twists. It kept me guessing until the end, even with all of the suspects contained on an island. The mystery was presented in full Agatha Christie style . . .

— review by Red Adept Reviews

I thought it was a fun ride and most of it kept me guessing until the very end. I totally missed a lot of it, actually, so good for the author – I’ve become pretty adept at figuring out the who/what/when/where/why/how these days.

— review by Candy’s Raves (& Rants)

I think overall the book was superb and I’d happily recommend it to anyone who likes murder mysteries.

— review by Word Pursuit—Jason G. Anderson

R. Doug Wicker’s “Decisions” is an extremely well-told, well-developed and quick-moving thriller that left me guessing until the very end.

— review by Christopher Truscott

It’s the high-concept Paranoid Premise, which provides the spine of some of the best suspense novels and screenplays ever written. And Wicker sweetens the deal for readers by setting his action against the backdrop of the exclusive Vai Kai resort in the Fiji Islands.

— review byKindle Nation Daily

I can not remember when I ever read a book cover to cover until last evening. I could not put it down. Every page contains twists and turns. The lead character and his fateful story grips you from the very first page. I laughed, I cried and I was on the edge of my chair all at the same time. I am a huge mystery fan, especially murder mysteries. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It ranks with the likes of Nelson DeMille and Sue Grafton. While I was expecting lots of blood and violence, it was tempered with humor and sensitivity. Don’t pass up the opportunity to add this book to your Kindle library.

— review by Diane White

Grant is incontestably the most entertaining and tangibly developed character I’ve read this summer. He’s a charming, quick-witted, sardonic thrill to read, and his occasional self-depreciation only makes him more of a treat. Once reality blurs with delusion, so too do the dead and the living until Grant can’t even trust himself, nor can you, the reader, trust that he’s either the hunted or the hunter; the next victim, or killer of the last.

— review by Ronnell D. Porter


5 responses to “Murder in Paradise—Decisions

  1. Michael Stock

    I am looking forward to reading your book. Weren’t you a moderator also on NATCA.NET? The name is familiar because I know you posted a lot. Please excuse me if I failed to place your name and your duties with NATCA correctly.

  2. Hello, Michael.—frequent poster; never a moderator. But the mere fact that you ask tells me that you are or were in NATCA, and most likely an air traffic controller. Where, what option, and when?

    Hope you enjoy the read. Please feel free to drop a review at B&N, Amazon, and even here on this blog. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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