Dzibanché — Part 1

A Sign that You have Arrived — Additional Clues Forthcoming

A Sign that You have Arrived — Additional Clues Forthcoming

Dzibanché is a rather recent discovery into the distant Mayan past.  Indeed, many structures are still undergoing excavation, and there are very probably several more still awaiting discovery.

Dzibanché 47

Getting there is an adventure in itself.  If you’re arriving into Costa Maya by cruise ship, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time for this journey.  Despite assurances that Dzibanché is only about one hour, forty-five minutes from the port, it is in fact much closer to half an hour beyond that.  And, as we know, unless you’re on a cruise-sponsored tour, you’re on your own come sailing time.  One does not want to be waving goodbye from the pier as their ship is steaming off to the next port on the itinerary.  Doing so gives one a real sinking feeling, so to speak.

Dzibanché 23

The trip is definitely worth the time and expense, however.  For our excursion, Ursula set us up with Native Choice.  Price per person was $65 U.S.D.  Our particular duo were tour guide Enrique and driver Edgar.  You can read Ursula’s impressions of both at this article on Travel Advisor.

Dzibanché 24

I indicated above that some of the structures here are still undergoing excavation.  As you’ll see in some of these photographs, trees still grow in the soil that partially encases the ruins.  Not all of these will be removed, as some vegetation will be left in place to both control erosion and to protect delicate details.

Dzibanché 38

You’ll see some of those details on Wednesday, including images carved into stone and paintings on the surface of ancient stucco.

Dzibanché 25

As for today, we’ll concentrate our views some of the more impressive structures and their surrounding jungle environs.  Once you get past the vegetation, prepare to behold:

Dzibanché 07

Dzibanché 28

Dzibanché 41

Dzibanché 60



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  1. Linda

    Hi Doug, I love living my vacations through your pictures and descriptions. I can picture me there. I also like Ursula’s reviews. I’m ready to zip line in Belize. 😊

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