The Christmas Lights of Eastridge — Part 1

Eastridge Lights34

There is a neighborhood in El Paso that is locally famous for going all-out each year in decorating for the Christmas Season.  It’s called the Eastridge area, and the residents there have been performing this mystical lighting feast from well before I moved to El Paso over thirty years ago.  Over the course of this week’s three regularly scheduled blogs, we will be highlighting the photographic opportunities this neighborhood has to offer using the techniques we discussed in last Friday’s blog Photographing Outdoor (and Indoor) Christmas Lights.

Cars line up for a mile or more this time of year waiting their turn to cruise Eastridge, but by far the best way to see these charming neighborhood displays is by parking your car in the parking lot of the nearby Eastwood High School and hoofing it the short distance to Eastridge.  Don’t forget to take along your camera (preset, of course) and tripod.

Below is today’s gallery of featured Eastridge are photographs.  Which is your favorite?  My personal favorite of today’s offerings is the introductory picture above.  Watch for more Eastridge Christmas Holiday lights on the blogs for Wednesday and Friday.

Click on any of the following images to view an enlarged version of the photograph:


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3 responses to “The Christmas Lights of Eastridge — Part 1

  1. Great photos, Doug.

    I hope you and your family are having a merry Christmas.

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