O’Keeffe Country—July 2012

Well, Taos’ loss was someone else’s gain.  As I tell trainee air traffic controllers—good controllers have a Plan B; great controllers have a Plan C, D, and E.  Having stopped short of our original intended destination, we turned tail and headed back toward Santa Fe.  But before reaching Española we turned right and headed northwest for a little ad hoc photo safari, spurred on by dramatic clouds that we knew would only enhance the scenery ahead.  We had, after all, gone this way before.  Indeed, art lovers the world over come here.

Where is “here?”  We passed through Abiquiú and headed into the Red Rock Country made famous by artist Georgia O’Keeffe.  If you like the pictures you see below, go to my previous blog on this area for more.  But, whereas that last blog concentrated on the Ghost Ranch, today’s photographs will give you views of other nearby sights.




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5 responses to “O’Keeffe Country—July 2012

  1. Sandra

    Beautiful—–great pictures.

  2. Wilma vega santos

    It’s amazing how bad situations turn to be great opportunities to discover marvelous sights and landscapes.

    • Actually, we’d already discovered this area once before, and I’ve blogged on it in the past as well. We actually stayed at the Ghost Ranch. But, on this foray, I decided to take advantage of the dramatic, partly cloudy skies and photograph areas just beyond the confines of the Ghost Ranch.

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