Today was the Day . . .

. . .  that this weblog hit 50,000 views.  My first blog entry dates back to January 3, 2011:  A New Career; A New Beginning

Readership began slowly, with dramatic spikes in 2011 during the months of April (my three-part exposé on why Southwest Airlines’ Boeing fall apart in flight) and then again in July (when WordPress placed my Carlsbad Caverns Photography blog on their Freshly Pressed list.  Around that time I was receiving about 1,500 views per month, but that April saw over 6,200 visits, and July drew an audience of nearly 5,200.

After that, things settled down and readership stagnated at around the 1,500 level until December of last year.  That month broke 2,000.  Four months later was above 3,000.  Just one month after that, in May of this year, readership blasted through the 4,000 mark and has remained above that level ever since.

To all my readers I would like to extend a very heartfelt “Thank You.”  You’re a great audience, and I hope you will allow me to continue to entertain, amuse, and inform.



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3 responses to “Today was the Day . . .

  1. Congratulations, R. Doug!!! 🙂

  2. Wilma vega santos

    It’s a pleasure to be part of your audience . I really enjoyed your comments, adventure and photos! Thank you .

  3. And thank you, Wilma. It was a great pleasure having dinner with both you and Luis on Wednesday. I do so love making new friends.