How to Photograph Fireworks—Reblog from Last Year

The 4th is coming up, and with it the urge to take out the camera and photograph fireworks. So, with that in mind, here’s a blog I did last year.

Now, get out your tripod, remote shutter release, and camera; find yourself a great fireworks display for Wednesday night; and go have fun.

R. Doug Wicker — Author

In Wednesday’s blog,  I presented photographs I took of fireworks during Monday’s 4th of July celebration here in El Paso, Texas.  Today I’ll highlight  more pictures taken that same evening, and this time I’ll give you information on how I took them.

I more and more frequently find myself using a simple point-and-shoot for much of my photographic needs, but occasionally I simply have to get out the more sophisticated equipment to get the most out of certain subjects.  For these shots I used my trusty, tried-and-true  Canon EOS 5D.  The great thing about the 5D is that it was the first “affordable” digital single lens reflex (DSLR) on the market using a 35mm-equivalent sensor.  That means that not only would all my older Canon 35mm lenses work with the EOS 5D, but they would also have the same magnification factor as they did with my 35mm film…

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