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I received some initially devastating career news on Friday.  My long time friend and agent has decided to pass on representing my latest novel.  At first I was crushed.  But then I decided, what the heck?  That just means I get to cut out all the middle men and put this literary wonder out as an eBook myself, as I did with Decisions.

So, what is The Globe?  It’s almost 89,000 words, that’s what it is.

Sorry.  Couldn’t resist:

The Globe38,500 tons of ocean plying opulence housing in its fabulous apartments some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Reynard Chevalier—The Globe’s security officer.  An expatriate American with a new name, a new country, a new life, and a past that is rapidly catching up and threatening to destroy him.

Staff Captain Katarina Giordano—Reynard’s boss during the day, his lover at night.

Jane Hanover—The Globe’s latest resident.  The fiancé from Reynard’s previous life.  The woman who has sent Reynard’s past careening on a collision course toward his all too vulnerable present.

Charles Hanover, IIIJane’s philandering husband.  A man who rationalizes his infidelities by demanding that his wife also find solace outside their marriage.

Security Officer Sarah Brighton—Reynard’s amorous Number 2.  A woman too young for Reynard and too determined to accept no for an answer.

Sterling Heyward—The Globe’s reclusive owner and Reynard’s best friend and employer.  A man whose enormous wealth was built spilling the blood of others.

The Globe Slasher—A sadistic sociopath with a very large chef’s knife and an insatiable blood lust for the rich and beautiful.  A serial killer who has reached into the distant past to find inspiration for his perverse grotesqueries.

Louis Guignard—The French police captain.  A man stationed in Saint Barts, hundreds of miles from The Globe.  A man walking Reynard through his investigation via a very tenuous internet connection.  A man who knows that it is only matter of time before the Globe Slasher turns on the one person aboard The Globe who can stop the slayings—Reynard Chevalier.

I spent the past two days working on a cover for The Globe, just to see if I could come up with something acceptable.  I’d really appreciate input from my many fans.  Should I go with one of these two covers?  Start from scratch?  Hire out the whole enterprise, as I did with Decisions?  Any ideas?  Here are the concepts:

The Globe—Cover 1

The Globe—Cover 2



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9 responses to “Coming Soon—The Globe

  1. Doug, not a fan of either cover.
    I’m immediately thinking a boat’s wake with a life ring in the foreground. The ring, of course, has blood on it. Maybe a bloody hand print.
    See what others say.

  2. Well, R. Doug, sorry about your agent, but it will be great to get it out on your own. Best of luck with it.

    As for the covers, I’m not sure I like either one, I am sorry to say. After reading the intros to the characters and getting a little feel for the book, I’m not sure either conveys the message you want — luxury liner, intrigue, serial killer.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Betty Burnett

    I like the overhanging ship – looks imposing – but I don’t get the pile of stones(?) in the foreground. Why are they so important? Isn’t the Globe the ship that never docks? I like the blue sky better than the red. Am not crazy about your typeface. I vote for you calling in a graphics pro.

  4. Tyson, Karen, and Betty—many thanks for the critiques. Looks like time to toss this idea and go with something else entirely.

    Betty—those aren’t stones. That’s the mooring for the ship. I’ll probably go with a designer, but I want to give this another shot first.

    Tyson—I particularly like your idea, and may have to give something along those lines a try.

    • No problems. It was the image that came to mind with the description. Plus it gives you the chance to “hide” the photo with shadows and layers like clouds, mist, etc. Then it will just scream “thriller”.

      I still have no cover ideas. Of course I haven’t finished writing yet, so hopefully something will click soon.

  5. David K. Williams

    Perhaps a smaller ship was a large,dark, foreboding, sinister image in the background.

  6. MLB

    Hello Doug,

    Looking forward to the book, but something’s not right with the cover. It’s more reminiscent of a periodical cover than a book for some reason. Maybe it’s the full bleed image, seems unusual for a book cover. I second the concern with the typeface too.

    That being said, engineers are not allowed to play with colors or art, and I predicted that the Ford Taurus would bomb because it was ugly. Shows you what I know.

  7. Well, everyone, thanks for the comments. I’ve downloaded GIMP and I’m playing around with it already to see what I can come up with.

    Not an easy program to master, though.

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