La Fin

That’s French for ‘The End,’ which seems only fitting considering that the protagonist of my latest novel is a French citizen—Reynard Chevalier, aka Robert Brand.

Today’s blog is both incredibly short and intensely sweet.  The Globe is finished.  I’ll post more on this Friday, with an in-depth report of what went into this endeavor— my latest murder mystery—and those who contributed toward its successful completion.

For now, though, I’d like to thank the following:

Psychology Professor David K. Williams of Spartanburg, South Carolina—a long-time and very valued friend who I first met my freshman year at Clemson University nearly forty years ago.  Dave came up with some really great ideas, and kept me from making some really big mistakes in several areas.

Randi Brewer of El Paso, Texas—Also a very good friend.  Randi’s training in literature proved invaluable in the final edit of The Globe, as did her great input on storyline elements and in keeping me focused on the writer’s craft.

Screenwriter Robert Payne of El Paso, Texas—I’ve known Robert only a few years now, and I’m pleased to call him a friend as well.  Robert gave The Globe a very critical and experienced eye.  Robert’s expertise in character development and his understanding of plot and dramatic tension were of immense help in adding to the final product.

Ursula Wicker of El Paso, Texas—wife, friend, lover, and the woman who had to put up with my commitment to getting this project finished.  Hopefully she’ll get to read it when it comes out in hardback.

The now defunct El Paso Manuscript Club—an organization whose members taught me everything I know about good writing, and who bear no responsibility for anything I do poorly.  Fellow writers such as Carol Ginty, Dan Pickens, David Craig, Betty Burnett, Mary Fulton, and many, many others who have both encouraged and inspired me since the mid ’90s.

Literary Agent Henry Morrison of Bedford Hills, New York—my representative and friend of sixteen years who, despite numerous rejections of previous manuscripts, has consistently offered his support and encouragement.  Let us just hope that this time all his patience and mentoring pays off for him.

If The Globe succeeds in attracting a publisher, it is all due to those cited above.  If it does not, that failure lies solely with me.  Thank you for your help, everyone.



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  1. Hurray! Congratulations and best of luck placing your novel.

  2. Thank you so very much, Karen.

  3. Betty Burnett

    Hooray for you! Can hardly wait –