It’s Not a Blog Day, But . . .

It’s not Monday.  It’s not Wednesday.  It’s not even Friday.  Yet, here I am, posting something on my blog.  Shhhh!  Keep it quiet, but . . . something really BIG must be up!

And indeed it is.

Please excuse this RED ALERT but I just received an eMail that my novel Decisions is scheduled to be featured on on Tuesday, January 18.  I would like to take this time to personally and publicly thank Paula Haataja for granting Decisions this level of exposure in one of the premier blogs available featuring and publicizing eBooks for FIVE BUCK OR LESS to a budget-conscious, recession-weary public.  In case you’re wondering, Decisions makes the cut because, despite great reviews, it is currently available for only $2.99, or considerably less than your morning stop at Fourbucks® Coffee is costing you for that Double Espresso Latte Extreme™ with Triple Caffeinated HFCS  Shot™ (high fructose corn syrup) and Single Chocolate Whammy Marshmallow Topping™ you’re picking up on the way to work.

Many thanks, Paula.

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