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Seems the Jenny Mac Book Blog has discovered, and that Jenny likes what she sees.  She’s nominated this blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m not sure just how legit this award is, but I’ll play along as it seems pretty innocuous (despite a web search that shows no apparent master award site).

The “rules” require me to list seven random things about myself, thank the nominator (thank you, Jenny), link back to the nominator’s blog (see the link above), and nominate fifteen other bloggers (but, in a twist, I’m not going to tell the nominees just to see if they catch on — crafty, huh!)

Seven random things about myself:

  1. I’m madly and deeply in love with my wife of 33 years
  2. I’m very much proud of my two daughters
  3. I love a good practical joke
  4. I love writing humor
  5. I hate the negativity of this year’s presidential election, and the silliness that poses as “debate” this time around
  6. I’m an avid photographer
  7. I’m a devoted traveler

Fifteen blogs I really enjoy (and am nominating for this award):

  1. Secret Spartanburg
  2. PhotoBotos
  3. Bibliophilic Blather
  4. Get the Flick
  5. Big Al’s Books and Pals
  6. Candy’s Raves (and Rants)
  7. Daily Cheap Reads
  8. Red Adept Select
  9. Going Dutch
  10. Live in the Old Lane
  11. Kissing the Blarney
  12. Cora Buhlert
  13. Two Ends of the Pen
  14. Rantings of an Amateur Chef
  15. Victor Travel Blog


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6 responses to “An Award Nomination for

  1. Linda

    Congratulations Doug!! I love your blog !!

  2. Sandra

    Thumbs Up! You deserve all awards for your wonderful blog.

  3. Thank you so very much, Linda and Sandra.

  4. Oh, hey, that’s mine! Thanks R. Doug! You definitely deserve a blog award. I always enjoy reading about your travels and really like that after 33 years, you are still “madly in love with your wife” and are not afraid to proclaim it to the world. That is a wonderful thing. 🙂