Circumnavigating New Zealand — Auckland; Out and About in Devonport

Auckland skyline in the distance

As I mentioned Monday, Devonport is a bedroom community that acts as a ferry-accessible suburb of Auckland. So let’s begin by looking at some homes:

Devonport, New Zealand

Behind the houses pictured above and below is Takaranga/Mount Victoria:

Devonport, New Zealand

Another charming Devonport home, this one adorned with Victorian gingerbread elements:

Devonport, New Zealand

From up here let’s turn around and take a look back at Devonport:

Devonport, New Zealand

Remember that April is fall in the southern hemisphere. So, here’s what to expect in April:

Devonport fall colors

The architecture here is on the quaint side. I’ll leave you today with these two examples to demonstrate what I mean:

Devonport, New Zealand
Devonport, New Zealand

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