St. Petersburg — Time for lunch;


You can get pretty hungry doing a two-day tour of St. Petersburg. Fortunately, our Alla Tour included lunch, and today’s lunch included traditional Russian fare. And lunch at Aragosta even included a beer and a shot:

Anechs beer

After a simple salad, our next course was borscht, a hearty vegetable soup with a deep red color derived from the dish’s signature beetroot-based broth:


While the borscht was quite good, I was slightly disappointed in the main course, piroshki. But that’s because I’ve been making this same dish for well over fifty years, and I think that I do it better. Don’t get me wrong. It was good, and most of our group really enjoyed it, but I found the flavor uninspiring, and I rather missed the ‘gravy’ which accompanies my variation. The crust, however, had the flavorful chewiness I enjoy from a properly made piroshki. At any rate, I’m sure this one is more traditional than mine, and it was good:


Two of our tour companions certainly enjoyed it. And how is this for a coincidence: During our most recent trip, the one which extended from three cruises to four, we ran into Terry cruising with her mother on the last cruise segment. Here areTerry and Mike sitting across from us at Aragosta:

Terry and Mike

Last course was a fruit pastry, which Ursula really enjoyed:


At any rate, once we visited Aragosta I just knew I had to share with my readers that piroshki recipe I’ve been enjoying since the 1960s. So, join me on this week’s Fun Food Friday for a really great dinner treat.

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