54 Days at Sea — Fort Lauderdale and MS Prinsendam

MS Prinsendam — Photo from Wikipedia article on MS Prinsendam

A few years ago Ursula and I had the distinct pleasure of cruising aboard Holland America’s smallest ship, the MS Prinsendam. And this voyage was for 54 days, involved two transatlantic crossings, and excursions into both the Mediterranean and Black Seas. MS Prinsendam also goes by the nickname Elegant Explorer, as she is often utilized on extended voyages to exotic destinations. MS Prinsendam has room for only about 830 passengers, and when we started this voyage we were but two out of some 650 passengers. Crew compliment is 440. So, how are the accommodations for 54 days? Our cabin was actually quite comfortable by most cruise ship standards, and both the bathroom and closet were larger than most. Here was our cabin:

Our living quarters for 54 days

Cabin bathroom

Cabin closet

We left Fort Lauderdale on March 24 and began our trek southeastward for the first of 27 scheduled ports of call, St Barthélemy, or “St. Barts” as it is often called. Until Wednesday, and St. Barts, here are images from our Fort Lauderdale sail-away:

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

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