Fun Photo Friday — Quito Hop-on/Hop-off Favorites 2


This series on Ecuador began nearly five months ago, and the images presented during that series are but a fraction of the many taken during our ten days there. My first photos of Ecuador were taken in Guayaquil on February 14, 2016. The last shots were taken in Quito on February 23. In between we saw a cocoa plantation, walked the streets of Cuenca, stayed at the beautiful La Andaluza resort, traveled to Alausí and took the Devil’s Nose train, journeyed deep into the Amazon River Basin for another fantastic resort stay at La Casa del Suizo, visited a hummingbird preserve and crossed the high Andes, stood on the Equator at the Middle of the World, and finished in Quito.

Door Light

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the tour these past five months, and that you’ve not grown bored with Ecuador.

Independence Monument

Today’s Fun Photo Friday is the end of the road for this look at Ecuador, so here are some final images:



Monumento a los Héroes del 10 de agosto de 1809

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