Breaking the 10,000 Barrier — 10,068 and counting

Just a tad under two years ago I posted my first YouTube video.  That would be my demonstration on spin-cocking a Rossi Ranch Hand and a full-size clone of the Winchester Model 1892, also made by Rossi and converted for me by the late Mike DiMuzio.  That video hasn’t exactly “gone viral”, but it hasn’t done badly, either.  Today it surpassed 10,000 views.  Here’s that video:

For information on the Rifleman’s Rifle and the television show that inspired this video, see:

And for a video on the history of spin-cocking in Hollywood, with scenes from the classic television series The Rifleman, see:


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2 responses to “Breaking the 10,000 Barrier — 10,068 and counting

  1. karenwojcikberner

    Wow! That’s great, R. Doug. Congratulations!