Sochi — A Visit to Stalin’s Summer Dacha

Dacha Panorama

Stalin’s Dacha

Well, you have to admit, those Communist Party Dictators sure knew how to live on the peasants’ dime just as well as royalty did.  They just managed to do it with a lot more hypocrisy, which you wouldn’t think an easy thing to do.  And ol’ Joe Stalin could live it up with the best of them.

Summer Camp for Bloodthirsty Dictators

Summer Camp for Bloodthirsty Dictators

One of our stops outside Sochi was to Stalin’s summer home, and Stalin’s infamous paranoia was clearly evident everywhere from the bulletproof sofa upon which he would nap:

Nap time on a Bulletproof Sofa

Nap time on a Bulletproof Sofa

Clear down to the keyhole covers Stalin could deploy to prevent prying eyes and ears:

СОЧИ - Sochi69

Keyhole Cover Up

Keyhole Cover Down

Keyhole Cover Down

Dictator chic was also in evidence throughout.  The dining room, for instance:

СОЧИ - Sochi64

Nice Ceiling Work if You can Afford It

Billiards, perhaps?

СОЧИ - Sochi54

Stalin’s Billiard Table

An office fit for a Russian peasant . . . a really wealthy Russian peasant (is there such a thing?):

Stalin's Home Office

Stalin’s Home Office

A nifty fireplace:

Stalin's Fireplace

Stalin’s Fireplace

And then there’s the Stalin family photo album:

СОЧИ - Sochi57

Stalin Family Photo Album

But, really, what is a summer home without the great outdoors?



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3 responses to “Sochi — A Visit to Stalin’s Summer Dacha

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  2. All of the Communist dictators had these really nice summer houses somewhere. Nowadays, most of them are museums.

    Regarding Stalin, he must have been truly paranoid. I once saw his armoured state limousine exhibited at an automobile museum in Latvia. The door were approx. 8 centimetres thick to deter even the most determined assassins.

    • Considering he was either directly or indirectly responsible for the relocation or outright death of up to 30 million of his own people, I’d say he had good reason to be paranoid.

      Thanks for dropping by, Cora. Love hearing your take on this stuff.