Fun Photo Friday — Lisbon, Sintra, and Cabo da Roca

Today’s Fun Photo Friday presents some of my favorite photos from our Rodrigo Bastos-guided We Hate Tourism tour.  One of the great things about hiring local talent for tours is that you get the inside scoop on all sorts of oddities, such as the Portuguese mistrust of the European Union in general, and in particular the immense dislike for German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is seen below as a puppet master manipulating Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho (left) and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Paulo Portas (currently Deputy Prime Minister).  By the way, Rodrigo tells me that the sailor outfit is a reference to two second-hand German submarines Mr. Portas ordered purchased even after his own armed forces advised that they were unnecessary to Portugal’s overall defense strategy.

Angela Merkel Graffiti

Angela Merkel Graffiti

Those opinions of Chancellor Merkel are not strictly Portuguese, by the way.  Similar resentment is displayed throughout southern European countries hit hard to the Worldwide Great Recession — Greece, Italy, and Spain in particular from what we witnessed on this voyage.

But enough of the politics.  Here’s some more of my favorite shots from this great and exciting tour (Thanks again, Rodrigo, and thank you We Hate Tourism) — click on any image below to bring up today’s slideshow:


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  2. I obviously have a different view of Angela Merkel and her financial policies, since I’m anti-debt. There is not a lot of sympathy for the crisis states here in Germany in general, since many of those countries brought the problems upon themselves. Plus, a lot of us are getting kind of weary of the constant complaining, the nasty racist Nazi caricatures (which don’t excuse the equally racist headlines sprouted by some of our own tabloids) and in one case an attack on our embassy in the crisis states.

    Love the rest of the pictures, though.

    • Olá Doug and Cora!

      I thought I should drop a line because it was my decision to include this political street art wall in the compact tour of Lisbon I guided. My aim was to show that the portuguese artists are using humor to express themselves. Only this. On the left side of that graffiti one can read “This wall was painted without external help”. Most people here in Portugal are aware of our responsibilities on the difficult situation we got ourselves into, but people are also aware that in powerful €uro countries such as Germany, some of the public opinion think no one wants to work hard over here. Again, to prove it’s all about humor – as good latin people – I’m sharing this video of the most famous portuguese comedian – Herman José (he has german father btw!), dressed as Angela Merkel and explaining the little children how their future will be like. This was made shortly after the financial rescue to Portugal in March 2011. He (Angela) talks in German and the other actor translates for the kids 🙂 I hope you like it!
      Greetings from Évora, Portugal. (Doug: you would find lovely reasons to photograph here)

      • Thanks again for dropping by, Rodrigo. Loved the video even though I didn’t understand a single word.

        I do enjoy photographing Lisbon, and I believe I have posts containing pictures from earlier trips:

      • Hi Doug!

        On this funny video Merkel speaks German and her helper translates to Portuguese. Merkel is there to teach the young portuguese how to live without money :))) I’ll help you with it:
        First, the car. “Someone has to build the villas the germans buy in the Algarve” (south of Portugal)!!!
        Second, the empty bag is their future retirement pension 🙂
        Third, their meal will be one sardine (to be divided by three people!)
        Fourth, their future laptop (a typewriter because it doesn’t harm their eyes!)
        The last one is a trash bin full with their future “toys” that “Merkel brought from Germany”. And the plastic bottle is their “Glitter Barbie”. hahaha I loved this one.

        Hugs from Lisboa. I was in Évora, a UNESCO world heritage city, when I wrote the last comment.

  3. Thanks for translating it, Rodrigo. That is funny.