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Coming Up This Week

Because of several things that have come up in the news and in the theaters, I’ll be pushing back my remaining blogs on our Montreal-to-Boston cruise aboard the MS Maasdam.  In an attempt at timeliness, I’ll be presenting my take on the Chicago En Route (ARTCC) Center fiasco and why those pushing for both consolidation and privatization of ATC are yet again being proven as off their collective rockers.  Also this week I’ll put forth one of my famous double-reviews.

This time I’ll be comparing The Equalizer:

Robert McCall versus . . .

to The Equalizer:

. . . Robert McCall

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Return to Carlsbad Caverns — Part 2

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

As you’ll recall from Monday, we are this week taking a second look at Carlsbad Caverns.  This time, however, we’re relying upon advances in digital photography to produce handheld images that were all but impossible just two years ago.  Whereas my July 2011 photoblog on Carlsbad relied upon techniques for taking long exposures without a tripod, on this trip I instead relied upon the Handheld Night Scene mode built into the Canon G1 X.

Top of the BIg Room — 255 feet (78 meters)

Top of the Big Room — 255 feet (78 meters)

Most of today’s pictures are of the Big Room — the largest portion of the caverns.  The hallmarks of the Big Room are the immense columns reaching high above the cavern trails and the “Top of the Cross,” the point on the ceiling of the cavern that is the highest above the Big Room floor.  “Top of the Cross” is an intimidating 255 feet (78 meters) above, and one shudders when looking at photographs of the spelunkers who hung suspended beneath it during an expedition back in the 1970s.


Immense Column

As always, just click on any of the images below to bring up an album showing enlarged versions:

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Return to Carlsbad Caverns — Part 1

Looking Back to the Cavern Entrance

Looking Back to the Cavern Entrance

It’s been almost two years since I authored my very popular blog So Easy Even a Caveman Can Photograph It—Carlsbad Caverns.  That article — which was later “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress —  described in great detail how to photograph Carlsbad Caverns without the use of a tripod by implementing many of the techniques I covered in Available Light Photography Without a Tripod.

Wire and Wood Ladder used by Early Explorers

Wire and Wood Ladder used by Early Explorers

Well, it’s amazing how much the technology in digital photography has advanced in so short a time.  On our latest trip to Carlsbad Caverns I decided this time that I would rely upon the “Handheld Night Scene” mode on my newest travel camera, the Canon G1 x (a three-part review begins here:  Canon G1 X Review—Part 1).  Handheld Night Scene takes three rapid, sequential photographs at high ISO, and then internally combines those three images to create a relatively noise-free, stabilized JPEG image without the need for a tripod.

Still My Favorite Formation

Still My Favorite Formation for Some Reason

How well does it work?  Reasonably so.  In particularly dark shooting situations any hand movement will result is some blurring, and when the photograph is later blown up to a 100% crop there is some digital noise evident.  Still, images taken from ISO 3,200 all the way up to ISO 12,800 are better than many travel zooms can produce at even ISO 800.  All in all I was quite impressed, but next trip I’ll probably take a GorillaPod all the same.  That way I’ll be able to produce images at lower ISO with the ability of storing them in RAW format for later post-processing.

Carlsbad Caverns 20

Carlsbad Caverns 20

So, for this week’s blog articles, I return you to Carlsbad Caverns with many images I was unable to capture during my previous visit because of equipment limitations.

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