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I Can Remember Way Back to When I Lived in the Desert

Are deserts supposed to have tropical storms?

But that was before the remnants of Hurricane Odile moved into the El Paso area.  And, yes, it’s still raining with more to come.

Street rafting El Paso-style

This river running through the heart of El Paso was once called “I-10″

Nice yacht!

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Season’s Greetings

Today’s normally scheduled blog will be up shortly.  That blog will be on Seville, Spain.

In the meantime, here’s my reminder as to what’s really important this day:

Once again
It’s that time of year
When friends arrive
And family’s here

So check beneath
The Christmas tree
But the best gift of all
Remains what’s free

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A Little Christmas Eve Humor

From Christmas Eves past:

A little humor I previously blogged.  Read in order for continuity of the story:

If Edgar Allan Poe Had Written A Christmas Carol (Humor)

A Spillane Christmas Carol (Humor)

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