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Happy Halloween — The Apollyon Particle


The Apollyon Particle — A Halloween Tale of Terror

The Apollyon Particle — A Halloween Tale of Terror

Time for this year’s Halloween Story. If you enjoy it, please “Like” it below and spread the word. If you don’t, keep your mouth shut or suffer the wrath of Apollyon:

Friday, February 13, 2015

For immediate dissemination from Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN):

My name is Dr. Vlad Draken, and I led the team that brought us to this catastrophe. The following is a brief synopsis of how we arrived here, what Apollyon has brought forth, and why there is no way out for Mankind.

We should have known better after we found the Higgs Boson — the “God Particle” — but we let our hubris convince us that an opposing particle does not exist even though history told us otherwise. We naively believed that a particle with zero spin wouldn’t have a correlating antiparticle with negative zero spin.

But most of all we should have clued in on the mass of the Higgs — 126 gigaelectronvolts. If the Higgs weighed in at 126 GeV, so too would the corresponding antiparticle. And our ancestors warned us of the significance of 126, or any other number in the sequence: 1, 5, 35, 70, 126, 210, 330, 495 and so forth. Pentatope numbers. It is no coincidence that two out of every three pentatope numbers is a pentagonal number, even though 126 is not. Perhaps that is what led us to believe our search would end well — that while 126 is pentatope, it is not pentagonal. Alas, Satan does disguise himself, and we should have known because we were warned by that most ancient of symbols, La Clef de la Magie Noire — The Key to Black Magic, Satan’s Pentagram.

Past interactions between Mankind and naturally occurring Apollyon Bosons were fortunately transitory, for the Apollyon Boson was until last week a rapidly decaying particle with a duration measured in days to weeks, although the resulting contamination may run for years beyond the initial dimensional breach. This new CERN-created Apollyon Boson exhibits no such decay, even though the effects are the same as with previous historically documented encounters:

  • Lycanthropy encounters of 14th and 16th Centuries.
  • 12th Century accounts of Walther Map and William of Newburgh of vampirism in England.
  • The vampire encounters: Istria, 1672; East Prussia, 1792; the Habsburg Monarchy outbreak from 1725 to 1734 (and which nearly spread out of control to other areas); the early 18th Century Habsburg-related pandemic that engulfed Eastern Europe; the sporadic incidents of vampirism in late 18th Century-early 19th Century Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • The Satanic possessions of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692-1693.
  • The 1611 Aix-en-Provence demonic possessions of Ursuline nuns.
  • The 1634 Loudun demonic possession of Ursuline nuns.
  • The 1647 Louviers Convent demonic possessions.

It was only following the Apollyon Particle dimensional rift near Geneva that we realized what we had unleashed — Hell on Earth. And this release of Satanic force is not confined to the CERN Euro-Asiatic breach. In keeping with the pentagonal aspect of the particle, other rifts developed simultaneously in four other global locations — on the North American Continent along the U.S.-Canadian border that has already engulfed both Detroit and Windsor; Paraguay, with demonic creatures already reported in neighboring Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro is being evacuated to the north); in Africa all contact has been lost from Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and flesh-eating zombie-like manifestations are reported in the streets of Mutumba in Burundi; and a final rift reportedly developed between Adelaide and Melbourne. The last reports from these Australian cities before communication abruptly ceased indicated a joint infestation of both vampires and werewolves with cannibalistic attacks continuing unabated even after sunrise and in the absence of a full moon.

CERN concludes these rifts are irreversible and spreading exponentially. It is estimated that Mankind has less than seventeen hours remaining before being completely overtaken by forces of evil heretofore considered mythical in nature.

History will forever tie my name to this catastrophe, but according to our calculations history ends at 06:06:06 tomorrow.

Copyright © 2014 R. Doug Wicker
All Rights Reserved

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Coming Up This Week

Because of several things that have come up in the news and in the theaters, I’ll be pushing back my remaining blogs on our Montreal-to-Boston cruise aboard the MS Maasdam.  In an attempt at timeliness, I’ll be presenting my take on the Chicago En Route (ARTCC) Center fiasco and why those pushing for both consolidation and privatization of ATC are yet again being proven as off their collective rockers.  Also this week I’ll put forth one of my famous double-reviews.

This time I’ll be comparing The Equalizer:

Robert McCall versus . . .

to The Equalizer:

. . . Robert McCall

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Memorial Day Missive — The All-Volunteer Concept is a Complete and Utter Failure

American Cemetery in Normandy, France

Once again National Barbeque and Outdoor Grill Day is upon us . . . or so it seems from the lack of solemnity that greets this supposedly somber day.

In the waning days of the Vietnam War this country ended military conscription — “The Draft” — and with the draft’s demise so, too, ended any concept of shared sacrifice on the home front during time of war.  In wars prior to and throughout most of Vietnam citizens were asked to send their fathers and sons to battle, and to support the war effort through rationing, volunteerism, and, yes, even taxes.  Upon their return our fathers and sons were propped up during their transition from the horrors of war to the mundaneness of a civilian, nine-to-five, off-on-weekends existence.  We paid for their college education, tended to their wounds both physical and mental, rehabilitated their disabilities, and returned them to society for the most part as fully functioning members.

June 6 will mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day

Back then the Veterans Administration was a thing of wondrous humanity that defined how we as a nation cared for our warriors in their time of need.  It defined us as a people, and it let those who fought our battles know that we would not abandon them once the gunfire ceased.

Not so today.  We have now as a society isolated ourselves from wars we send our fellow citizens to fight.  No longer do we send our own off to perhaps die.  Now we are content to get someone else’s child — usually from the lower income and educational strata of our society — to “volunteer” into perhaps their only shot at a better life.

Meanwhile, we allow our political leaders to sell us on avoiding any related wartime pain while at the same time allowing corporate profiteers to enrich themselves on the sacrifices of others.  There is no rationing.  No one is asked to curtail their standard of living.  Taxes are cut.  The costs of today’s wars are pushed forward to future generations.  Our leaders tell us that it’s our patriotic duty to take the family and, “. . . get down to Disney World,” rather than do the unpopular things necessary as a society that has made the collective decision to wage war.

If the Draft was Good Enough for Them then it is Good Enough for Us

Now that the post-9/11 wars are coming to a close — one of which was totally optional and complete folly; and the whole raison d’être for the other having ended over three years ago on May 2, 2011 — we are once again failing our warriors at the most basic, civilized level.  This is far from new.  We as a nation have failed in this area ever since conscription ended in this country over forty years ago.

And that won’t change until conscription returns.  Needless wars will continue to be fought and necessary wars will extend well beyond the stated mission goal is reached as long as political leaders and business executives profit without risk to their own progeny and the majority of voters are isolated from any shared sacrifice and pain.

So, to clarify the title of this Memorial Day message, let me state the following:

When I say that the all-volunteer military has been a complete and utter failure I don’t mean that our men and women in uniformed service have failed us.  Far from it.  I mean that we as a nation have failed them, and it’s well beyond time to make amends by returning the pain and sacrifice of war back to the home front.  When everyone’s child is at risk, only then will our returning warriors get the help they so desperately deserve.

German Bunker Overlooking Pointe de Hoc, Normandy


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