If at first you don’t secede, cry, cry again.

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Social media is bursting at the seams with talks of petitions for states to secede from the United States. That sentence alone reads like an oxymoron. We live in the United States, not the “Leave whenever the hell you want because things aren’t going your way” States. And that sentence reads like a lecture spouted at a rebellious teenager. Essentially, it is.

Yesterday, my uncle posted a link on his Facebook page encouraging Mainers to sign our petition to secede and stop paying “their bloated porkulous stimulus bills.” I responded, telling him I didn’t want to “start a big thing” – but how can I not? I suppose I understand his and others’ side of it – they’re pissed for various reasons about how our government is run and the fact that those they voted for this election didn’t win. Or perhaps they’re pissed that Maine passed Question One…

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